Allusive Landscapes

"Allusive Landscapes is part of an ongoing exploration of my long-time obsession with micro-life, such as insects, plants, and fungi. My interest in tiny nature has expanded to include the creation of small-scale landscapes that allude to much larger structures, phenomena, and plant life. These micro landscapes are created using a macro lens and a shallow depth-of-field to evoke a sense of scale. The world of “micro-life” is fascinating to me, and I want my imagery to encourage people to slow down and really take in all that nature offers, not just the immediate gratification of 'big nature.'" - Neva Nobles-Alder




Neva Nadine Nobles-Alder was born in Tampa, Florida in 1989 and moved to the Outer Banks of NC in 1999. Neva works predominantly with digital photography, utilizing macro photographic techniques, with a specific interests in insects, arachnids, mosses, lichen, and fungi. er work seeks to inspire curiosity and bring awareness to overlooked small scale flora and fauna through beautiful imagery. Neva completed a BFA at East Carolina University, School of Art and Design in Greenville, NC in 2017. She is now a graduate student and TA at the University of Iowa continuing her studies in photography and book arts. More online here.